Many of our clients enjoy the convenience, close communication, and peace of mind that our Family Office Platform provides. This full-service, comprehensive solution relieves the client of day-to-day financial matters, leaving everything from bill paying to investment management to our dedicated team.

Our highly personalized Family Office Platform includes all the features of our Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management Platforms, but it also features closely managed financial services, such as legacy planning, continuous cash flow management, and bill paying services for you and your family.

You have acquired substantial wealth, and managing your finances has become complicated, time-consuming, and at times confusing. You want to establish a close partnership with a financial firm to handle every aspect of your financial life. In this gold-level platform, we apply the full breadth of our expertise, knowledge, and insights to manage your daily finances, and protect your wealth as it passes from generation to generation.

This Platform includes:

       * Family legacy, continuity, and contingency planning
       * Family foundation and trust development
       * Family benefit analysis, planning, and recommendations
       * Generational gifting, planning, and tracking
       * Charitable planning and coordination

To explore how our Family Office Platform can work for you, call to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our senior planners.